Culinary Challenge Results 2022

Lakanto Pastry Competition

Santiago Rincon 1 Silver Medal, 3 Merit

Individual Live Challenges

Alexander Farmakis Bronze Apprentice F1A Lamb, Beef, Veal Live Challenge

Windi Juli Sifitri Bronze Apprentice F2A Seafood Live Challenge
Mahendra Thapa Magar Bronze Apprentice F2A Seafood Live Challenge

Bas Van Uyen Silver Open F2 Seafood Live Challenge

Fernando Madawanage  Silver Open S2  Sweet Buffet Centrepiece

Fernando Madawanage Gold Open S3 Petit Fours/Pralines

Fernando Madawanage  Gold Open S5 Four Different Desserts

Toowoomba Surat Basin Enterprise Most Outstanding Chef 2022

We had 5 talented chefs compete on Monday, Standard was fantastic & it is great to see our industry chefs back out in the Competition Arena

Leslie Chan competed in Meat, Seafood, Poultry & Tapas classes & won 2 gold & 2 silver medals

Sadatsune Sugita Competed in Meat, Seafood, Poultry & Burger classes & won 3 Bronze & 1 Silver

Trevor Jenkins Competed in Meat, Seafood, Poultry classes & won 2 silver Medals & 1 Gold Medal

Yuan-Qing He Competed in Seafood, Poultry, Paella & Plant base Vegetarian Classes & won 4 Silver Medals

Andrew Ballard competed in Meat, Seafood, Paella & Plant based vegetarian Challenges & won 1 silver Medal & 3 Gold Medals & is the TSBE Most Outstanding Chef 2022

Tabasco Team Challenge

The teams in this challenge went head to head Wednesday & the competition was tough with all team members having been recently announced as members of the Australian National Culinary Squad. Stephen Lunn from Tasmania & Stellio Ginis from Northern Territory won a silver medal. The winner of the 2022 Tabasco Team Challenge also with a silver medal was Andrew Ballard & Amber Heaton

Yum Cha Challenge

3 teams competed Thursday & the judges were very impressed with the food & presentation of the dishes
The medal results are
Coco Yuan Bronze Medal
Sublimation Silver Medal
Phoenix Soars Kitchen Gold Medal

Legumes from Europe

ACF is very excited to be partnering with Italian Association of Canned Vegetables Industries to bring to Australia a Canned Legume competition as part of the “Legumes from Europe Campaign” with as first prize a fabulous trip to Italy where the winner will see for themselves, taste, discover, and delight in the legumes at their source and see how important these legumes are to the locals.

We are very pleased to announce the person with the most shares on their post is Angelica Iuliano from Victoria
The 1st winner of the Legumes from Europe Competition is with the most likes on their social media & will be heading off to Europe in 2023 is Amber Heaton form Queensland.

Nestle Golden Chefs Hat

Day 1

Day 2